• FBA FlexPrep

    Fast Turnaround. 100% Hands-Off Inventory.


    Eliminate the hassle of handling inventory and focus on growing your business.

    We provide end-to-end logistics for your Amazon FBA inventory.

    You'll never have to touch inventory again!



    We handle high-volume FBA inventory for experienced Amazon FBA sellers.

    Labeling, Bundling, Rework, Inspections




    Our turn-around time is FAST! Typically same-day of delivery or within 24-hours.

    Contact us now at support@fbaflexprep.com

    Minimum: 50 units total per shipment, 5 or more units per SKU (assorted SKUs is OK)

  • FBA FlexPrep

    We rapidly process inventory for high volume FBA sellers.

    Proudly serving sellers from 36 countries and counting!

    FAST Inventory Processing

    We know inventory turnaround time is critical for retail businesses. That's why we minimize the time required to process your inventory and have it sent to Amazon's warehouses and ready-for-sale ASAP.


    On average, we receive, process, and have inventory shipped out-the-door within 24 hours!

    (No... that's not three 8-hour business days... That's WITHIN 24 HOURS of your shipments arriving!)


    We can even turnaround pallets of inventory same-day of delivery.


    Most packages leaving our Texas facility are routed to Amazon's Dallas Fulfillment Centers (FTW) and arrive as soon as 8-16 hours ready-for-sale!


    Our speed helps reduce your inventory replenishment and lead time. Less money stuck in inventory!


    NOTE: We use UPS Ground for small parcel delivery. Contact us about LTL and container shipments!

    Services We Offer

    • Inventory Processing – Receive, Inspect, Prep, Label, Ship.
    • Bundling - Multi-pack or variation kits.
    • Rework - Fix, re-pack, or any changes to your product.
    • Receive, Inspect, Forward your overseas or supplier's shipments to Amazon.

    We are located in Houston, Texas. Our warehouse is equipped with humidity and temperature control and is secured by 24/7 camera and gated security.


    Small parcel shipments are routed through our Texas location. Larger shipments (eg. container loads) are routed to a larger warehouse in Chino, California (near the Port of LA).

    We do NOT...

    • Require contracts.
    • Charge sign-up or membership fees.
    • Handle used books.
    • Handle fragile items (glass supplement bottles and beauty  products are OK).
    • Handle hazmat items (eg. mold, compressed aerosols, chemicals).
    • Accept liquidation lots.

    STOP! We're not for everyone.

    We have limitations and basic requirements in order to help you become 100% hands-off inventory and maintain 24 hour turnaround time.

    • Our #1 priority is to quickly and accurately process your inventory. You generally will not hear from us unless there are issues or concerns about your inventory/shipments!
    • We are limited to email support. We generally respond within 24 hours for all inquiries and will always contact you about issues/concerns regarding inventory and shipments.
    • We use sub-account access to Seller Central (manage FBA inventory and Shipments privileges).*

    With limited-permissions, we can only create shipments and upload box content information. We do not see your financial information in the sub-account.


    * If you are sending a few SKUs and at a large quantity, we do not need sub-account access. You can send us FNSKU labels and shipping labels in advance.

  • How Does It Work?

    Send us inventory and we handle the rest.

    You're 100% HANDS-OFF inventory!

    Step 1 - Send Us Your Inventory

    Ship to our address and input the shipment contents into your account's spreadsheet. (Contents include: product title, ASIN, quantity, any handling requirements such as bundling.)


    After this single step... you're already DONE!


    We handle the rest from the moment the packages are delivered to us until the packages arrive ready-for-sale at Amazon's fulfillment centers.


    Note: We share shipping address and spreadsheet with you at time of sign-up.

    Step 2 - Receiving

    We receive, count, and inspect your inventory. You'll be able to check the status of each of your items at any time using our shared spreadsheet!


    Problem with the shipment? We'll contact you directly and share photos of damaged items.

    Step 3 - List, Prep, Label, Ship

    We use your Seller Central sub-account to create FBA shipments, get FNSKU labels, upload box content information, and create shipping labels. UPS pickups are scheduled daily by us.

  • Services & Pricing

    Minimum: 50 units total per shipment, 5 or more units per SKU (assorted SKUs is OK)

    Inventory Processing includes...

    • Receiving packages (one-by-one is OK!)
    • Inspecting item quality and condition (photos of damage provided)
    • Item FNSKU and Shipment Labeling
    • Removing non-FBA compliant materials such as peanuts and styrofoam




    • Shipping boxes (up to 25")
    • Item (FNSKU) labels and shipping labels (Note: shipping cost is billed to you directly by Amazon)
    • Packaging dunnage (air pillows, kraft paper)



    Inventory turnaround time is normally

    within 24 hours of delivery and often same-day!

    Inventory Processing

    Rates are based per SKU in an outbound shipment

    (50+ units of same SKU is required for lower rate).

    Click to see pricing examples.



    1-99 units – $1.00 per unit

    100+ units – $0.80 per unit


    Heavy Items

    4 lb or higher – $1 + $0.25/lb

    Please note 3.5lb or greater will be rounded up.


    Over-Size and Forwarding

    (16"+ or as indicated by Amazon)

    Please contact for custom quote.


    Add-On Services


    Bundling – Inventory Processing fee plus...

    2-Pack – $0.75

    3+ Pack – Contact us for quote.


    Bubble Wrapping – $0.35 per foot


    Poly bag (for individual units) - $0.20 per unit


    Misc. Handling – $0.20 each

    (eg. price/sticker removal; additional stickers/labels; inserts)


    Custom Handling Requests – $45 per man-hour


    Bundling fee includes poly bag. Items must fit in a standard-sized poly bag (about 11x16 inches).

    Bulk FBA Removal Orders

    Problem with inventory at Amazon FBA?

    We'll receive, inspect, correct, and ship your inventory back to Amazon in record-time!


    Contact us with details of your specific needs.

    LTL and Container Shipments

    Shipping multiple pallets or containers?

    Need to storage and replenish bit by bit?

    No problem.


    Contact us with your requirements.


    Note: Larger loads will be routed to the larger warehouse in Chino, California

    (near the Port of Los Angeles).

    Payment Terms

    Billing is per completed shipment.


    You'll receive an online invoice by email for each outbound shipment. The invoice is due upon receipt and is itemized with shipment content information, so you'll know exactly what shipped each day.


    Payable by credit card, ACH, or PayPal.

  • Outsource inventory handling.

    Go hands-off inventory.


    Manage zero employees.

    Serving Domestic and Global Sellers

    Our clients are based in the United States and abroad.


    International Countries include:

    Argentina, Austria, Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Colombia, Czech Republic, Egypt, Germany, India, Israel, Jordan, Latvia, Malaysia, Mexico, Namibia, Netherlands, Panama, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovenia, South Africa, South Korea, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Vietnam,

    and more!

  • Let us handle your inventory

    while you build your business.

    Ready to start? Have a question? Let's chat!

    Houston, Texas 77045