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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do you have multiple locations or branch names?

    No! We only have one location in Pearland, Texas and only operate under the name FBAFlexPrep.


    Please beware of anyone who claims to be us and has an address out Pearland, Texas or contacts you from a domain besides "@fbaflexprep.com".

    How fast can you normally prep and ship my items to Amazon?

    We normally process and ship received inventory same-day. However, if we receive inventory towards the end of the day, it will likely be shipped the next business day. Most inventory is shipped to Amazon's Dallas fulfillment center, which arrives and is ready-for sale as soon as 8-16 hours from leaving our location!

    Is Shipping Cost included in your fees?

    Shipping cost is not included in our fees. It is billed to your Amazon account directly when we print shipping labels from your Seller Central sub-account.


    You will be paying Amazon's partnered-carrier rates (the lowest in the industry!). We do not take any part in the shipping cost.

    Do you work with new sellers?

    We are only working with private label and wholesale sellers at this time (generally 10+ units per SKU each shipment). We expect you to be familiar with the basics of selling on Amazon such as creating product listings, converting listings to Fulfilled By Amazon, and identifying a product's ASIN.

    Do you work with International Sellers?

    Yes! We work with both domestic US and international sellers.

    How does sharing InventoryLab access work?

    You can share "listing access" in InventoryLab by simply adding a sub-account with list-only privileges. This allows us to create new shipment batches, label items quickly, and upload shipments and box content information to Seller Central.


    To begin, create an email account (for example, with Gmail) that can be used exclusively for sub-account access to InventoryLab.


    > Create Gmail account: https://accounts.google.com/SignUp


    Next, create an InventoryLab sub-account by following this guide: https://www.manula.com/manuals/inventorylab/inventorylab-user-guide/1/en/topic/sub-accounts. Use the email account you created in the prior step for this account.

    > Add InventoryLab employee: https://app.inventorylab.com/account/employee

    • Check the box "List" under Inventory Lab (top-right of screen) > My Account > Employees > Edit

    > Add our warehouse to your Ship From address: Inventory Lab (top-right of screen) > Settings > Shipping Information > "+ Add" button

    How does sharing Seller Central shipping plan permissions work?

    1. Create an email (eg. with Gmail) that you can use for the sub-account you will share with us.

    2. In your main Seller Central account, click "Settings" (found at top-right of the screen) then "User Permissions".

    3. Under "Add a New Seller Central User", add the sub-account email you created in Step 1 and click "Send invitation".

    4. Accept the invitation in the sub-account email.

    5. Afterwards, you will be able to select the level of permission granted.


    • Inside the User Permissions page (same one from Step 2), click "Manage Permissions" next to the sub-account user. 
    • Find Inventory > "Manage FBA Inventory / Shipments" and click the "View & Edit" button, then save at the bottom of the page.

    What items do you not handle?

    We generally do not handle:

    • Fragile items such as thin glass items and delicate electronics.
    • Hazardous materials such as moldy products, chemicals, and lead-based products.
    • Liquidation lots of non-NEW or mixed condition items.
    • Clothing in mixed lots. Wholesale quantities of clothing items are ok (eg. 10+ units per SKU in each shipment).