FBA FlexPrep
Located in Texas & California
FBA FlexPrep
Fast Turnaround. 100% Hands-Off Inventory.
Eliminate the hassle of handling inventory and focus on growing your business.
We provide end-to-end logistics for your Amazon FBA inventory & E-Commerce Fulfillment.
You'll never have to touch inventory again!
Simple pay per unit. No contracts!
Our turnaround time is FAST! 
Typically same-day or  within 24 hours of delivery/orders.
Minimum Quantity: 30 total units per shipment with at least 5 units per SKU for FBA Shipments.

FBA FlexPrep handles inventory and fulfills e-commerce orders for Amazon FBA sellers and online retail businesses. 
We help brand owners and entrepreneurs scale their businesses and simplify operations by outsourcing inventory logistics.
"With FBA FlexPrep... anyone can leverage the MASSIVE production capacity of a commercial warehouse 
and experienced work force as-needed. FAST handling. Simple pay per-unit. No contracts!"

Imagine having your own professional factory and trained assembly line on standby... to help, only when you need it... 
No payroll. No equipment maintenance. No rent due or deliveries to wait for... No employees to manage.

With our service, anyone can outsource inventory processing, storage, and shipping AS-NEEDED, ON BUDGET, and at ANY TIME. 
Our pricing model is flat-rate and pay per unit, so there is ZERO risk of "project hours going over budget", equipment fees, or other hidden costs.

To date, we've helped hundreds of businesses from over 40 countries process millions in inventory value and units.
Who Do Businesses Work With Us?
In brief, we simplify business processes and increase efficiency.
How does less manual work... less expenses... and more time sound?

Our team handles the warehouse and physical side of your business.
This allows you to focus on growing your business (product development, marketing, customer engagement... or simply enjoy the freedom of your online business!).

We take care of the employee management, facility, and equipment costs.

Labor management, warehouse rent, facility maintenance, restocking supplies, machinery (forklifts, computers, printers, pallet jacks).
All these expenses and headaches can be streamlined and eliminated simply by partnering with us!
The best part? No contracts required. It's simply pay-as-you-go.

Let us be there during that estimated 3-hour window when the freight carrier says your package would be delivered.
Let us lift those twenty 50lb boxes and unload the thousand-pound pallets in the rain and summer heat.

You can accomplish A LOT with that time day-after-day!
(Plus, we have the manpower and forklifts!)
  • FAST TURNAROUND  Consistent 24 hours or less turnaround! This results in: LOW LEAD TIMES (less money stuck in inventory); FIRST TO MARKET ADVANTAGE in arbitrage and wholesale; IMPROVED CASHFLOW (through faster product sales cycles). And that's just to name a few!
  • MULTI-CHANNEL CAPABILITY – We support FBA Shipments and E-Commerce order fulfillment. Let us turnaround shipments quickly for Amazon FBA. Or have us warehouse your inventory and ship it directly to customers **AUTOMATICALLY** as orders are placed. (Yes, we handle all shipping labels, upload tracking to your sales platform, and adjust your inventory available quantities!)
  • SIMPLE ALL-INCLUSIVE PRICING – Keeps it simple and transparent. You'll know exactly what you pay per unit. Easily account processing fees into your profit margins with precision.
  • COMPLIMENTARY EQUIPMENT & MATERIALS – Eliminate any worry about hidden costs of shipping boxes, dunnage by the foot, or unloading pallets because we INCLUDE THEM FOR FREE!
  • ANY SCALE CAPACITY – With small minimums and no contracts, we can work with small one-person businesses to large, corporate sized organizations. Our clients include sellers with 100 units and those in the TOP 100 on Amazon! (We also work with non-FBA sellers too.) Cartons to containers... quarter million unit shipments... we can help!
"The Secret of Getting the Best Results for Your Small Business Is Joining the Inner Circle."
Russell Brunson

24-hour Inventory Processing

- Arbitrage, Wholesale, Private Label
- FNSKU labeling, poly bagging, bundling


- Re-Label FNSKU to new ASINs or accounts
- Inspect for damages
- Remove hijacker inventory
- Correct supplier mistakes


Receive and ship to Amazon or your alternate address.


Storage and fulfill orders direct to your customers. Replenish cartons to FBA or B2B as needed.

Storefront integrations allow automated order fulfillment!

NOTE: Order fulfillment has minimum of $100/mo in storage and fulfillment fees.


Inbound your containers and move to storage, FBA, multi-channel fulfillment, or any other requirement!


Professionally heat shrink your products to give an impressive finish to your single units, bundles, or kits.

Note: Product must fit inside 14x12" heat tunnel.


- Product listing photos
- Hijacker claims
- Inspection proof for claims
- New product quality checks


Have requirements that don't fit the services here? No problem!

Just contact us know and we'll be happy to help.


We are unable to handle:

- Some hazardous or hazmat products (eg. mold, leaking chemicals, compressed broken glass)
- Used books
- Liquidation lots

We do not permit personal drop-offs and pickups.


Let us source your custom labels, boxes, and other supplies.
Our support is 100% email and chat based and we generally respond within 24 hours of contact.
For larger accounts, we may assign account managers with phone support available. 
This is often applies for sellers with container loads or large fulfillment volumes.
Designed to be as hands-off for you as possible.

STEP 1 - You Ship

Ship directly to our address.

Update your inventory file with your shipment contents.

(We'll share shipping details and the inventory file with you at time of onboarding).

STEP 2 - We Prep

We receive delivery of your shipment and begin processing.

Our team handles the FBA Shipment creation process on your behalf including printing FNSKU labels, uploading box content info, and arranging shipping (using Amazon partnered-carriers).

If there are any issues, our team will reach out to you directly for guidance.


Generally within 24 hours of delivery, your shipment will be completely processed and shipped off.

You'll receive an email from us with the itemized invoice that details your processed items. Payable by credit card, PayPal, or ACH.

All done! Simply start back at Step 1 for any new shipments.
No Monthly Fees. Minimum 30 units per shipment with at least 5 units per SKU.
Per unit if 100+ units per SKU in same shipment.
    Standard-sized items
    Per unit if 100+ units per SKU in same shipment.
      Per unit if under 100 units per SKU in same shipment.
      • INCLUDES:
      • FBA Shipment Creation
      • FNSKU Label
      • Shipping Boxes
      • Dunnage
      • Carton Label (Postage billed to your account directly by Amazon)
      Over-Sized (16"+), Heavy (3.5lb+)
      Shipping 500+ units of the same SKU?
      Contact us for a bulk discount!
      Per item.
      • Single Unit Poly Bagged
      • Cover Second Barcode
      • Price Tag Removal
      • Tape Open-Ended Poly Bags
      more ADD-ON SERVICES
      (Contact for any project requirements)
      • Bubble Wrapping – 0.35/ft
      • Bundling 2-Pack – Add 0.75 to base
      • Bundling 3-Pack or More – Contact Us
      Invoice sent by email per shipment and is due upon receipt unless otherwise noted.
      Included FREE with every shipment...

      • Forklift for Receiving Pallets - Forget the lift-gate fees!
      • Surface Inspection - Each unit is individually inspected for visible or audible damage as we process. We withhold and inform you about any damages.
      • Photographs of Damaged Items - For proof and your claims.
      • Removal of FBA Prohibited Materials - Styrofoam, peanuts, flyers, packing slips, etc.
      • Pickup Arrangements - With USPS, UPS, LTL Amazon-Partnered Carriers
      • Waste Disposal
      • And So Much More...
      Let's Get STARTED!
      Our clients are based in the USA and abroad. 

      Argentina, Austria, Australia, Bahamas, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Colombia, Czech Republic, Egypt, 
      Germany, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Israel, Jordan, Latvia, Malaysia, Mexico, Namibia, Netherlands, 
      North Macedonia, Panama, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovenia, South Africa, 
      South Korea, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Vietnam, and more!
      Where are you located?
      We operate warehouses in Texas and California. Depending on your requirements, we would route you to one of these locations. 
      Texas is our primary warehouse location for handling most shipments with fast turnaround for small loads to FTL and container load. 
      Our California warehouse is specialized to handle especially large loads such as multiple containers, enterprise-level handling requirements, and large-volume demands for order fulfillment and warehouse storage.
      How does FlexPrep create my shipments?
      At the time of onboarding, we will send you a Seller Central sub-account set up guide. The sub-account will grant us limited permissions to create FBA Shipments on your behalf and complete tasks such as printing FNSKU labels, uploading box content information, and printing shipping labels.
      Do I have to set up sub-account access?
      If you are sending us one-off shipments with just a few SKUs, such as with an FBA Removal Order, you can email us the FNSKU labels directly. Our team will contact you when your shipment is ready with the box information for you to generate the shipping labels.
      How fast do you prep and ship my items to Amazon?
      We normally process and ship received inventory same-day. However, if we receive inventory towards the end of the day, it will likely be shipped the next business day. Most inventory is shipped to Amazon's Dallas fulfillment center, which arrives and is ready-for sale as soon as 8-16 hours from leaving our location!
      Can you handle Containers?
      Yes. Please be advised shipping containers will generally be routed to our California warehouse.
      Is Shipping Cost included in your fees?
      Shipping cost is not included in our fees. It is billed to your Amazon account directly when we print shipping labels from your Seller Central sub-account.
      You will be paying Amazon's partnered-carrier rates (the lowest in the industry!). We do not take any part in the shipping cost.
      Do you work with new sellers?
      We are only working with private label and wholesale sellers at this time (generally 10+ units per SKU each shipment). We expect you to be familiar with the basics of selling on Amazon such as creating product listings, converting listings to Fulfilled By Amazon, and identifying a product's ASIN.
      Do you work with International Sellers?
      Yes! We work with both domestic US and international sellers.
      Questions or comments? 
      Contact us at info@fbaflexprep.com
      Contact – info@fbaflexprep.com
      Locations in Texas & California
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