How to setup Seller Central Sub-Account with limited permissions for FlexPrep to create your FBA Shipments.
1. Go to and create a new email for the sub-account.
Name it anything you'd like. We will access this account when Amazon prompts us for email verification, so use a password you can share with us!

(Email verification happens because we're logging into the sub-account from a different physical location than yours. We log into the email and verify ourselves because Amazon's verification codes expire very quickly.)

2. In your MAIN Seller Central Account: Send a Sub-account Invitation to the new email.

Go to Settings > User Permissions from the top right corner of your Seller Central dashboard.
Enter a name for the sub-account and the email address you just created. Send the invitation.
After sending the invitation, LOG OUT of your primary Seller Central account!
3. In your Sub-Account Email (the one you just created):

Open the email from Amazon and click the URL in Step 1.

(It contains "")
4. Create the Seller Central Sub-Account

You've only confirmed the invitation so far. 
Now you are creating the sub-account. 

>>> Click on the grey button for "Create your Amazon account". (If you do not see this button, click "REGISTER" instead.)

NOTE: You're not logging into your Primary Seller Central account here!

Use any name and password you wish. Keep in mind these credentials will be shared with us!
5. Add the email and password you used to the 2nd tab of your Google spreadsheet.

This is the Google Spreadsheet we just shared with you.
6. Log into your MAIN Seller Central Account.

Go to Settings > User Permissions (top-right of your screen) and now you should see "Manage Permissions" next to the sub-account.

Click Manage Permissions.
Select "View & Edit" permissions for:

"Manage FBA Inventory/Shipments" and "Manage Inventory/Add a Product"

Then scroll down to the bottom and click Continue to save.

All done!

After adding permissions, do not log back into the sub-account because it will require you to set up 2-factor authentication.

If 2-factor authentication is enabled, we cannot access the sub-account!

Moving forward, simply input your shipment contents to your Google spreadsheet before the shipment is delivered to us.

Be sure the product listings exist in your Seller Central account (primary) and set them to "Fulfilled by Amazon" (not "Fulfilled by Merchant").

We look forward to working with you!
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